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The New York Rumble would like to welcome back “Mr. Consistent”, Robbie Gillies.

Robbie was an offensive force on the field, getting wide open for large gains of yards. With 73 completions for 78 throws, Robbie consistently did all of the right things for the Rumble. His teammates were able to find Robbie in the endzone for 17 goals and he was amongst the leaders on the team in total points scored. If a big sky was needed, number forty-four came up with it time and time again.

“At practice, Robbie was the hardest person to match-up against,” said teammate Ben Faust. “It was really hard to keep up with such a fast cutter.”

During the offseason Robbie has been focusing on his training and getting himself ready for the 2014 season. He had this to say about how the season ended last year, “Our season ended earlier than we would’ve hoped, but that final game against the Current was fantastic and I can’t wait to play those guys again.”

To learn more about Robbie, check out his signing video below.

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