The New York Rumble are proud to announce the signing of their first player, Ben Faust.

“Ben is a player with an extensive Ultimate background and has a tradition of bringing teams to success,” says Michelle Kondracki, GM of the Rumble. “I cannot wait to see him bring his talents to the field and lead the Rumble to victory.”

Back in Lowell, Massachusetts, Ben and his friends happened upon a pick-up game in high school, and he remembers this first exposure to Ultimate as “a foreign concept.” A natural athlete, Ben was attracted to more traditional sports in high school: cross country, tennis and skiing. A few years later, Ben signed up for the George Washington University Ultimate team during orientation. At tryouts, Ben recalls, “There was a floaty disc and not knowing any better, I completely plowed through a guy and got the D. I was hooked.”

Ben isn’t exaggerating. He played on every club team that would take him. He played summer league. He even found himself driving an hour for a decent pick-up game. His skills progressed quickly, and during his time at GW the team took two trips to Nationals, and Ben was just a few votes short of a Callahan in 2004.

Throughout college, Ben excelled with Twisted Metal and E. Pig, the latter team heading to Nationals in 2004. After a year in the Peace Corps, Ben came home to play with Twisted Metal, Ironside, Pony and eventually the Ghosts.

Ben’s a talented player and a disciplined coach, and much of that he owes to his dedication to the study of Ultimate. “I got into coaching because I love Ultimate strategy,” Faust says. “Throughout college my notebooks would be filled with Ultimate plays and drills instead of class notes.”

He learned how to motivate players and implement strategy as a coach at Boston University in 2005 and two years later at Northeastern University. In his time with Pony, Ben invested as much time on strategy and practice design as he did playing, helping them achieve impressive performances at Nationals.

As the first player to sign with the Rumble, Ben hopes to take-on a similar leadership role. “My hopes are that the team practices hard and plays hard. Given the talent level in NYC, if we can accomplish that we will do just fine,” says Faust.

And the Rumble certainly have some hard work to accomplish before their first match-up against the Boston Whitecaps and Ben’s former Twisted Metal and Ghosts teammate, Jeff Graham.

Ben loves the competition and a chance to represent New York on a professional level. “The Rumble and, more largely, the MLU represent a great leap forward for Ultimate,” Ben says. “I look forward to representing the Rumble around the country while battling against some of the best Ultimate players in the nation under a whole new exciting set of circumstances.”

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Paul has worked in online content, freelance writing and education for the past ten years. A native of Baltimore with roots in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Paul grew up in a family of Ultimate enthusiasts. He graduated with his undergraduate degree in English from Goucher College in Baltimore and his Masters in Education also from Goucher. Paul was the captain of Goucher College Ultimate and then played with the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance, Central Maryland Ultimate Association and the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams. As the Director of Content, Paul handles the online content for the MLU site and eight team sites.

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    Dear Rumble Webmaster,

    Please disregard 83% of all future Rumble pageviews. They are all coming from Faust, checking to see if his profile page has been updated.

  2. DadFaust

    Make that 84%. Seriously, you have acquired a cornerstone athlete here and an overall good guy.


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