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Ultimate is a sport of big moments – the long downfield huck, the layout goal, the sky in the end zone and the list goes on. Over the past four years of Major League Ultimate, those moments have been captured by our partners at UltiPhotos. In our series, Caught in Action, we look at some of the greatest moments from MLU’s history and how they have been captured by the talented photographers at UltiPhotos. This week, we take a look at a spectacular moment captured by Jason Honyotski.

At any level of ultimate, the ability to play on both sides of the disc is necessary to becoming a complete player. Having the skills to shut down the opposing O-line, and then help his team convert the break has made Jibran Mieser a star on the New York Rumble. In the play we are looking at today, Mieser shows how his defensive awareness, speed and general playmaking ability can absolutely take over a point.

Early in the fourth quarter of the New York’s matchup with the Boston Whitecaps in Week 2 of the 2015 season, the Rumble were deep in their own territory, guarding their goal line and trying to prevent the Whitecaps from extending their lead. As Boston went for the goal, Mieser quickly cut off the pass, recording one of his six blocks on the day. Turning up field, the speedy defender immediately became a deep option, as teammate Alon Brown launched a huge towards Mieser, who made a leaping catch in stride. 

As Mieser went for the catch, Honyotski snapped his shot, perfectly capturing the expertly timed jump.

After the catch, Mieser dumped the disc off to his teammates, who after a few throws were able to find him again in the end zone for the diving score.

The Whitecaps would hang on to win (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), but Mieser’s impressive play helped establish him as one of the most game-changing players in the league.

Medford, MA: Jibran Mieser (New York Rumble #66) skies Jeffrey Graham (Boston Whitecaps #21) as the Boston Whitecaps take on the New York Rumble in their first home game of the season Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Hormel Stadium © Jason Honyotski/Ultiphotos

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