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2013 MLU Eastern Conference MVP Chris Mazur has re-upped with the Rumble for another season.

Mazur led the Rumble offense last season, finishing second in the MLU with a combined 56 points (24 goals, 32 assists) and a 92% completion percentage. A two-way player, Mazur also finished the season tied for third on the team with 7 defensive plays.

After his experience with the team during the 2013 season, returning to both the Rumble and the MLU seemed like the right decision. “Last season was probably the best full Ultimate experience I’ve had as a player and a huge part of that was playing with the Rumble. From video and stats to youth clinics and top competition, the MLU is the best full experience version of Ultimate you can play,” said Mazur.

Coach Nuñez notes the importance of having Mazur back with the team for the 2014 season. “Having one of the best handlers in the league re-sign is a major piece in making the playoffs next year. Having him on the field means we have a player who can control the offense and take the risks we need,“ Nuñez said. “What’s impressive with Mazur is that he is a threat anywhere on the field. He can either roast his defender up-line, throw a fifty-yard huck, or cut deep and score. There is a reason he was among the league leaders in points last year and won the MVP.”

Battling injuries towards the end of the season, Mazur has been training in hopes of coming into the season in top form. “I’ve spent a good amount of time cross training with some basketball and back to the heavier lifting in winter training. I want to come into the second season with the Rumble being stronger and better prepared from an injury prevention standpoint so that I won’t have to miss a single game.”

Check out the Mazur signing video below:

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