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It was a neck and neck game this week, as the New York Rumble fell short in the second half against the D.C. Current, losing 21-17.

After their victory over the Current on their home turf, New York traveled to the D.C. Current’s Cardinal Stadium to face off once again. The Rumble were a few men short in this game, most notably missing Matt Weintraub, and Mike Hennessy. Also inactive this week were Quinn Hunziker, Simon Johannson, Tim MacGougan, and Brian Walter.

The Rumble and the Current were evenly matched throughout the first two quarters of the game, with neither team taking the half with the score at 9-9. The star of this first half was the Rumble’s Markian Kuzmowycz, scoring four of their nine goals and absolutely burning the Current’s defense deep. Chris Kocher also played another solid game this week, providing two assists, four goals and 23 completions.

The third quarter proved to be the downfall of the Rumble in this game. The Current went on a four goal streak that New York could not recover from, bringing the score in the third quarter to 13-9. By the end of the third quarter, New York started mounting a comeback with the score at 15-13. Unfortunately the Rumble couldn’t pull it back going into the fourth quarter. Alan Kolick and Jeff Wodatch were the MVP’s of the Current’s offense generating eight goals between the two of them, allowing the Current to maintain and extend their lead, ending the game with the scoreboard at 21-17.

“I felt that the game was a battle.” said head coach Anthony Nuñez. “Both teams had to work hard to score and D.C. just got a few more breaks over us. We are still building this year and we will continue to look strong. That game is over now and it’s time to focus on Boston.”

Next week the Rumble face off against the Boston Whitecaps at New York’s own Belson Stadium at St. Johns University, Sunday, May 24th at 2:00 PM. Tickets are available on the Rumble Ticketleap Page.

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