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Entering the ninth week of the regular season, league-leading New York Rumble handler Andrew Bosco has yet to throw a turnover after 115 throws.

Providing four assists, three goals and one block this season, Bosco has been a rock at the center of the Rumble’s offense. Leading the MLU with a perfect completion percentage, Bosco will enter this week’s matchup with the Boston Whitecaps looking to extend his streak.

So far this season, Bosco has been offering an incredible performance for New York as he maintains his perfect throwing record. Over the course of eight games, the offensive handler has completed 115 throws without any errors. If that’s not impressive enough, the league’s two next best players with perfect completion percentages are seated behind Bosco with 70 completions and 60 completions, respectively, while all other players sharing the statistic have yet to exceed 30 throws.

In the 2014 MLU season, Bosco finished out the year with the Rumble after amounting 108 completions and 11 throwaways on 121 throws. Returning this season, Bosco was hungry for improvement on what was already an exceptional statistic, and he’s found success so far. As week nine approaches, Bosco remains focused and unfazed as he continues game after game without any throwaways.

“I focus on the small things, like playing within the system, hitting the open hands and pivoting to move the mark,” said Bosco. “When you focus on things that are not throws and catches, those things come easily.”

With his focus rooted in the success of his team, Bosco will enter this week’s matchup against the Boston Whitecaps just as he would any other game. Bosco has been an important component of the Rumble’s offense so far this season, adding consistency and reliability to the team’s system.

“I try not to talk or think about it,” said Bosco. “It takes away from what my real goal is with the team, which is to win games using the skills I have to help my teammates.”

Bosco will continue to work towards that goal today at 5 PM, as the Rumble take on the Whitecaps in Boston. Tickets for the game are available on the Whitecaps Ticketleap page.

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