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The Rumble look to gain separation in the standings as they host the Washington DC Current on Saturday at 7:00 PM EDT in their final home game of the regular season.

Although the second place Rumble hold a comfortable 9 point differential advantage against the third place Current in the standings, they know that they cannot afford to take this game lightly. The first time these two teams met in week five, the game proved to be a back-and-forth battle of momentum. The Rumble jumped ahead to an early 4-1 lead but the Current would not surrender. They fought back throughout the game, but the Rumble eventually won 17-14.

This time around, the Current will have to figure out how to contain offensive handler Alan Kolick, who has the most assists in the league and a 92% completion rate on 323 passes.

Cutter Robbie Gillies explained that the key to beating the Current this week would be limiting their deep game. “They love those quick easy scores and they have the throwers and receivers to make that happen on a consistent basis,” Gillies said. “If we can limit their deep throws and force them to work the disc, our defenders will have more shots at getting the D.”

On the offensive side, the Rumble will most likely continue to run their offense through handler Chris Mazur, who leads the league with 45 total points and a 92% completion rate on 323 throws, and cutter Ben Faust, who has 20 assists to go along with 13 goals scored.

With three games remaining in the regular season, the Rumble only have to win two games to clinch a playoff birth. However, Gillies said the team is only focusing on one game at a time. “Every game is extremely important,” Gillies explained. “I don’t even know what all the different playoff scenarios are. There’s no need to be thinking about all of that. As long as we stay focused, come out strong and take care of business the rest will take care of itself.”

Defensive cutter Joe “Smash” Anderson echoed Gillies’ point, saying that remaining focused throughout the game will ensure a victory. “This is another huge game for us,” Anderson said. “We went into Philly last week with a kill-mode type of mentality. We don’t want to trade points with [the Current] all game. We want to stomp on any hopes of them going to the playoffs from the first point of the game. I expect us to be extremely aggressive and fired up to play. We play weird, we play gritty. When we play with fire on top of that we win games.”

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