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The MLU announced Thursday that Marques Brownlee has won the Week 7 Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week for his sky on Boston’s Jim Foster.

While the Rumble fell to the Boston Whitecaps 6-23 in their Week 7 match-up, there were still plenty of exciting plays. With 9:48 left in the second quarter, Boston’s Henry Brecher put up a huck to teammate Jim Foster.

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While Foster had position and looked like the disc was in his hand, Brownlee miraculously came from behind to rip it out of the sky for the D.

Reflecting on the play, Brownlee said that he was trying to play more aggressive defense, as Coach Nuñez instructed prior to the game.

“It was early in the game but we were already down, so we were playing hard to get back into the game,” said Brownlee.

“I was chasing on D, and when I turned and saw that the throw went up, I immediately knew I couldn’t let him come down with it.”

After their bye this week, the Rumble head back to the Eagle’s Nest at Union City High School to take on the Philadelphia Spinners on Sunday, June 8 at 1:00 p.m.

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