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Jack Marsh and Chris Mazur take home the honors of  MLU Offensive Play of the Week and Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week respectively.

With 5:26 left in the third quarter, Ben Faust spotted Jack Marsh streaking deep. With Boston’s best defender on him in Jack Hatchett, Marsh went up big to sky Hatchett for his second score of the game.

“I usually know where Faust puts his outside-in forehands so I headed for the spot,” said Marsh.

“I tracked it pretty well but felt nervous with Hatchett closing in; that guy knows how to play. I went up as early as I could and was able to come down with it.”

Marsh noted that thinking about celebrating after the game with help from his sponsor, Noble Hill Wines, helped him on the play.

“I pictured the cool refreshing glass of post-game Noble Hill Sauvignon Blanc that I knew awaited me in the locker room.”

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With time winding down in the fourth quarter and the Rumble only up by one goal, Boston set up a double team out of a timeout in a last ditch effort to trap Chris Mazur on the sidelines and force a turnover.

Mazur was able to find Robbie Gillies wide open across the field with a picture-perfect hammer right before he was about to get stalled out. The completion would essentially seal the game for New York.

“I remember from last year that the Boston double team look left an opening straight down the sideline,” said Mazur.

“The play call was actually to throw a long dump losing lots of yards to Lucas Murphy, but that was based solely on what Jeff was doing. I saw him baiting the long dump, so I took a chance with the hammer”

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    The Noble Hill Wines reference is maybe the strangest product placement I have ever seen.


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