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With sunny skies and 45 degree weather, tryouts once again descended upon Randall’s Island for the second open tryout to try and prove their worth for a spot on the 2015 roster.

The tryout was led by former Rumble players Ari Weitzman, Jody Avirgan and scout Jason Thompson (Stevens Institute of Technology). While many new faces were in the crowd looking for prove their worth, many returners were also on hand, including Robbie Gillies, Joe Anderson, Marques Brownlee and Matt Baum.

After warming up, players split up into a breakmark drill so the coaches could get a look at who had the most active marks and which players were able to make tough throws. This was followed by a deep-throwing drill as the weather at the previous week’s tryout did not allow coaches to see many deeper throws.

Looking for depth on defense this season, the coaches ran a 2 on 3 defensive drill to see which players played a smart defensive game and could acclimate to the larger MLU-sized field. One standout during this drill was Rutger’s Josh Alorro, who made multiple standout plays.

Finally to end the tryout, the players broke into two teams for a large scrimmage to see who had chemistry and who stood out during a game situation.

“Something that stood out at this tryout was the team atmosphere during the scrimmages and on the sideline,” said GM Michelle Kondracki.

“It was great to see everyone working together especially since team chemistry is something we are focusing on for the 2015 season.”

This tryout was also the first stop for John Phillips and Greg Fallon’s Combine tour, who recorded an episode of The John and Greg Show and held a lengthy interview with Joe Anderson.

The next tryout to help determine final roster spots will take place this Saturday, January 10th at Randall’s Island Field 90 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This tryout will be closed and will be invite only.

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