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New York area ultimate players trekked through the pouring rain to Randall’s Island on Saturday to take part in the first open tryout for the 2015 New York Rumble roster.

Approximately 45 players attended Saturday’s tryout to compete for spots on the 2015 roster. Head Coach Anthony Nuñez, General Manager Michelle Kondracki and a committee made up of four scouts helped with the tryout process, including former player and current Rutgers University coach,  Ari Weitzman, former Team USA U20 Girls coach,  Eileen Murray, former Brandeis University coach Chris Hatton and current Stevens University coach Jason Thompson .

The first tryout took place at Field 90 on Randall’s Island, beginning promptly at 11:00 a.m. and lasting nearly four hours. Despite the weather, the players were extremely energetic, having an active sideline with constant cheering and communication.

The tryout began with the players breaking into two large teams to play a 40-minute game to try and showcase their skills to the coaches and scouts. After the game, the group was broken down into four smaller teams to play three 30-minute rounds against each other. Lastly, the players came back to form two teams for a final 15-minute game. Among the long list of young standouts this weekend were Matt Weintraub (Rutgers University, Garden State Ultimate) and Jake Price (Brown University, Garuda).

“We had a strong showing in the pouring rain and lots of players showed they were true warriors,” said Head Coach Nuñez. “I look forward to seeing more of the talent this coming Saturday and see who is hungry for a spot.”

The next tryout will take place this Saturday, December 13 at Randall’s Island Field 90 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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