On November 10th, the New York Rumble held a clinic at the birthplace of Ultimate, Maplewood, New Jersey.

Four high school teams participated in the clinic: Dwight Englewood, West Windsor Plainsboro South, East Brunswick, and Columbia High School. General manager Michelle Kondracki, MLU Eastern Conference MVP Chris Mazur, defensive starter Chris Wicus and coach Anthony Nuñez each coached one team for the day.

To start the morning, the four teams scrimmaged for one hour. While big plays were taking place on the field, the four coaches assessed the teams and took notes on what needed improvement. The next hour and a half was devoted to instructional time between the four Rumblers and their teams. Players worked on handler movement, throws into the wind, timing of cuts, and some zone offense and defense strategies.

“Coaching is always rewarding; but seeing the future of Ultimate right where the game first started was a really unique experience,” said Kondracki.

After the instructional period ended, it was time to show what the players learned in a round robin tournament. The future stars definitively showed the Rumble that the next generation of Ultimate looks bright. “There were all types of age groups. I saw a seventh grader complete an endzone to endzone forehand against the wind,” said coach Nuñez. “It’s amazing how young kids are starting to play Ultimate.”

A special thanks to our sponsor Body Armor for supplying the drinks that kept all players and coaches hydrated.

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