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By Jonah Galeota-Sprung

“The best pace is a suicide pace—and it’s a good day to die.” That pretty much sums up Aman Nalavade’s game philosophy. It makes sense, once you see him on the field—no one goes harder than this guy. Aman plays for keeps.

Nalavade’s Ultimate career started back in 2002 at Wissahickon High School, a perennial competitor in the East. After attending UPenn, he started playing for South Jersey team Pike, helping them qualify for Nationals in 2009.

Following Pike’s dissolution, he joined up with Southpaw, and was on the squad when they took 5th at Nationals in 2011. Aman joined the Philadelphia Spinners and helped them grab their first professional Ultimate title in 2012.

Usually one of the fastest guys on the field, Aman never stops going. He’s got stellar field sense, so look for him to be making smart, well-timed cuts all over the place. When it’s late in the game, and other players are flagging—that’s when it becomes clear that Aman Nalavade has put in the work. And that’s when it pays off.

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