Joe “Smash” Anderson is a top defensive cutter for the Rumble. Look for him to play shutdown defense one moment, and make huge catches on offense the next. 

Anderson began playing Ultimate at age 14 while attending the Beacon High School in his hometown of New York City. The team practiced five days a week at 6:30 AM and won both the city and state title in 2004. Anderson was elected MVP of the team in his senior year.

Anderson’s Ultimate career was just beginning. Anderson played for one and a half years at SUNY Albany, and joined PoNY in 2007. Anderson worked his way up from a bench player on PoNY his first year, to D-line starter in 2009 to captain of the team in 2011, helping lead the squad to multiple Nationals appearances along the way. He also has experience playing on the international stage, leading the 2008 Dominican National Team in points scored.

Anderson, the defensive captain of the Connecticut Constitution last year, has great expectations for the Rumble and himself this year. “I hope to bring the best aspects of the New York City Ultimate community to the MLU: grit, drive and swagger,” Anderson said. “I expect the best out of this team. My goal is to win a championship and shut down every player I play against.”

As the season gets underway, fans can expect Anderson to be the D-line anchor and someone who the Rumble can count on to play tough, physical defense against opponents. Check him out at the home opener against the Philadelphia Spinners this Saturday, April 27.

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  1. Desi Hernandez

    Hello Elan Kane, i must say Joe is a phenomenal player. You forgot to mention how humble and friendly the guy is though, just like Roald Dahl’s B.F.G (Big Friendly Giant) if you read that as a kid. I have the honor of saying that i was able to play and train with Joe very briefly his senior year, and i must say I have very fond memories of Joe being a coach for me, even though he was so young himself. I have no doubt that he will grow to be a huge asset to the Rumble and everyone in MLU will recognize that soon enough!


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