The MLU announced that rookies Marques Brownlee and Jibran Mieser have both won play of the week honors. Brownlee won the Hucket Offensive Play of the Week for his sky on Boston’s Brian Zid and Mieser with the Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week for an incredible layout D.

Although the Rumble ultimately fell to the Whitecaps 16-21 in their season finale, the players still wowed the home crowd with exciting plays. With the Boston Whitecaps up 5-4 in the second quarter, Joe “Smash” Anderson put up a 50-yard huck to Marques Brownlee. While Boston’s Brian Zid seemed to have perfect positioning for the D, Brownlee came from behind to make the improbable grab over Zid for the score.

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“That was a fun play, the type of stuff you like to see at the end of a team’s season,” said Brownlee.

“I always try to give throwers as much confidence in me as possible as a receiver, so I go up for deep shots at 100% all season.”

Later in the fourth quarter, Boston controlled the disc 20 yards from the end zone with a three-point lead, 17-14. Danny Clark seemed to have an open cut toward the sideline, but Jibran Mieser filled the gap and made an incredible layout D.

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“Boston was getting close to the end zone so I knew I had to tighten up on my man,” said Mieser.

“I put myself in position to see Clark and the disc. I saw the space and I knew it was going up, so it was just a matter of beating him there when he cut.”

“He left and I successfully stayed on his back and knew I had to layout to get the D.”

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