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The New York Rumble (2-7) will play their final game of the 2016 season this weekend against the Boston Whitecaps (7-2). 

Two weeks ago New York and Boston met in what was an exciting game. The Rumble played an incredible first half, holding the lead until the final horn of the second quarter, at which point the Whitecaps had successfully closed the gap and brought it to a tie game. The game featured some incredible plays by Bo Li, Kyle Fischer and Matthew Weintraub as well as many others. On the Boston side, the usual suspects were hitting their mark. Although Boston proceeded to win by a wide margin, New York surprised everyone in the first half and had the Whitecaps sweating. 

The story of the 2016 season has been very different for these two teams. For New York, they started the year as a newly rebuilt team full of rookies. They lost their first two games by wide margins but showcased their talent in every game. Whether it was Sean Mott in his breakout game against the D.C. Current, or Li’s incredible throw in their last game against Boston, there were always plays worthy of making it to the highlight reel. Although New York has steadily improved they have been unable to convert their talent into wins and will end this season at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

On the other side we have Boston, who won the championship last year and have already secured a place in the Eastern Conference Championship for a chance to win it all for the second year in a row. Boston has been consistent with their wins and has proven to be an adaptable team as was showcased in their last game against New York. What makes Boston such an excellent team is their ability to understand the situation in any given game and adapt to it. In their first game against New York they took and held the lead, winning by a broad margin. In their last game against New York they were far behind but were able to recover and take the win with a comfortable lead. Overcoming the nerves of an unexpected first half is no easy task, but Boston rose to it exceptionally well. 

As this is the last game for New York it is sure to be an emotional one. They will be putting all of their strength into this game and hoping for the best. They will be without some major contributors this weekend, including Quinn Hunziker, Seth Canetti, Marc Sands & Christian Duess, which will give room for other players to show their stuff before ending their season. Boston will also be without some of their core players, such as Christian Foster, Jon Hirschberger and Jack Hatchett

Make sure you tune in to MLU Live to watch Boston and New York face off in Week 11 of this 2016 series this Saturday at 8PM

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