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Hundreds of fans gathered at the Eagle’s Nest yesterday, the Rumble’s home stadium, to watch the team take on the Philadelphia Spinners in their first ever home opener.

The Spinners came out on top once again, but this time, each team kept their fans on their toes all the way to the end, in what so far has been one of the most exciting games in the MLU this season.

The Spinners got on the board first, scoring the first two points of the game. The Rumble were quick to match that however, scoring the next two points by generating Ds and hucking it to the end zone. The next point was a long fight, and after working it right in front of the end zone, the Rumble called a timeout.  A new line came on and the Rumble got it to Dan Heijmen right away to take a 3-2 lead with 2:41 remaining in the first quarter. The Spinners and the Rumble were each able to put a few more points on the board before the quarter ended with Philadelphia leading 5-4.

New York came into the second quarter strong, scoring right away to tie the game at five. The Spinners came down with the next two points however. Philadelphia’s Leon Chou went deep for a huck, dumping it and getting it right back for a 7-5 lead. The Rumble got a break of their own and tied the score at 8 when Rob Baker had a huge bid in the end zone. The Rumble immediately put up another break to take half with a 9-8 lead.

Philadelphia got the second half going, scoring the first point to tie the game 9-9. New York’s Robbie Gillies was able to score one for the Rumble before the Spinners took the next two. The Rumble and the Spinners continued trading points for the remainder of the quarter.

Coming into the final quarter with a 13-12 lead, the Spinners kept the points coming in, gaining two more for a 15-12 lead with 7:26 left in the game, the first 3 point lead in the game for any team. New York got a break and kept their chances alive when Jonathan Cox went deep, bringing the Rumble within one point of the Spinners. Philadelphia and New York then traded the next four points, keeping the Spinners leading 17-16 as the game neared its end. With only 50 seconds left, the Rumble’s Christopher Mazur scored to tie the game at 17, which put the home crowd on their feet. The teams had been contesting each other the entire evening, and it became clear that it was anybody’s game. Unfortunately for the Rumble, in the remaining 50 seconds, the Spinners scored two more points take the game with a final score of 19-17.

The Rumble will be back at home next weekend, May 4th, as they rematch the Boston Whitecaps at 7:00PM at Union City High School.

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