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After a strong first half, the New York Rumble (2-7) fell to the Boston Whitecaps (6-2) in their penultimate game of the season.

The Rumble played a tough game against the Whitecaps this weekend in what was their last game at Bell Stadium of the 2016 season

At the end of the first quarter New York had gone on a five-point-run and taken the lead, surprising the Whitecaps and the spectators alike. These five points were scored one after the next, all five of the discs finding their way into New York’s hands in less than three minutes. Matt Weintraub, Sean Mott and Colin Kochenash each contributed to two points in this time span. The entire team as well as the stadium was buzzing with energy. Each play seemed to be feeding off of a spectacular block, huge grab or quick break. I might point to Jibran Mieser who intercepted a disc while he was poaching his player, or to Kyle Fischer who had an expert read, catching the disc over two Boston defenders. By the end of the first quarter Bthe Rumble were in the lead and were decidedly in it to win it.

After the break, New York received the disc and successfully scored their hold. That energy from the first quarter was lingering and they proceeded to go on another run, scoring three consecutive breaks. Two of these break opportunities were created by Justin Carter and Kochenash who both had amazing blocks that made for some excellent highlight reel. But the energy started to wane and Boston’s frustration finally boiled over. They decided enough was enough and, like that, went on a four-point-run. By the end of the half Boston had caught up and the score was tied. After this, New York would not recover the lead and Boston would proceed to pull further ahead, denying New York all but two points in the third quarter and all but three in the fourth.

Although New York was able to pull off a spectacular show in the first half, Boston is a fully fleshed out team. Last year the Whitecaps won the championship, and they are currently the second best team in the Eastern Conference. For New York to take the lead so confidently is no small feat, but to remain in the lead and to upset Boston would have been extraordinary. For Boston is a powerhouse, and with players like Ben Katz and Piers MacNaughton, who each scored five goals, as well as Eric Stevens, who assisted five points, it was only a matter of time before New York would fall further into the distance.

New York was without one of their major offensive players this weekend, Scott Xu. Xu injured himself the day before the game and was out with an ankle injury. While Xu’s absence is significant, it may have been the factor that gave New York that extra energy in the first half. Players like Quinn Hunzniker and Mott both assisted three goals and created many opportunities for their teammates to score downfield. Perhaps Xu being out this game allowed these players as well as others to take on a different role and to fill in for that missing link. With young and talented teams like New York, there is always more to be discovered and, with every game and every new scenario, each player has an opportunity to grow and to find their place on the field.

In two weeks New York will have another chance to show Boston what they can do. On the one hand New York knows what to work on between now and then to give them an edge in their last game of the season. On the other hand, Boston will be on their toes and have something to prove themselves.

I’ve said it nearly every game this season, but you never know what you’re going to get with New York. For that very reason make sure you don’t miss the rematch on Saturday June 18.

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