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New York’s losing streak extended to six to end their rough season while Boston prevailed 21-16 to end with a 5-5 record and hopes to make the playoffs.

New York controlled the game early. Robbie Gillies delivered the up and over pass to Chris Mazur to score the first goal of the game. Mazur got a second goal, laying out on a low throw from Mike Hennessy to put the Rumble up 2-1. Lucas Murphy found Jibran Mieser to extend the New York lead to 3-1 and he later found Joe Anderson to keep driving with a 4-2 lead. Good defensive stops from Mazur, Markian Kuzmowycz and Marques Brownlee would slow Boston in the first quarter.

Boston battled back in the second quarter, tying the game at 4-4 when Jack Hatchett threw a long huck to Danny Clark, who then fed Brian Zid for the easy score.

The Rumble would go down 5-4 but Brownlee made a skying catch over a Whitecaps player to tie the game at five. Later, Mazur broke a sideline double-covered force with a hammer to Kuzmowycz who then found an open Gillies to tie the game 6-6. With 45 seconds left in the second quarter, Boston would score twice more to lead 9-7 going into the half.


New York started to fall behind in the third quarter and took a blow when backed in their end zone. Matt Wilson threw a swing pass that was intercepted by Boston’s Jim Foster. Foster’s Callahan play gave Boston a 12-9 lead and allowed Boston to receive the disc again on offense.

New York’s Dave Vuckovich got in on the action, delivering a long huck to Iggy Yz, pulling the Rumble within one, down 13-14.

“We had our ups and downs to the season. We tried not to get riled up in the wrong way, stay poised and checked in for each game,” said Yz after the game.

“With our roster as deep as any, the season was definitely disappointing. We may be too talented. A flood of talented personnel makes it tough on staff to mix lines to gel and find the groove. We gelled later in the season and found solid core guys to fall back on.

“We played for our fans and our own pride and hoped to build momentum for next season but couldn’t deliver,” said Yz. “We definitely want to represent New York in just fashion next year.”

Vuckovich would later fail to connect with Yz on an almost identical play that was one of many missed opportunities for the Rumble. Many bobbling catches and drops plagued the Rumble, along with miss-throws and poor judgments.


Down 14-17, New York’s Mieser pumped up the team with a clutch layout to deflect and stop Boston’s drive. Tensions heated a bit when Boston’s Seth Reinhardt, who had been playing a physical game, aggressively pushed off Rumble’s Jake Herman and later Dave Vuckovich, landing him a cautionary orange armband. The Rumble capitalized on the Boston turnover when Mazur found Herman to inch New York as close as 15-18.

Leading 20-15, Boston threw easy back and forth passes to waste time before finding Jon Hirschberger for their 21st and final goal with ten seconds left. New York’s Vuckovich played on with the remaining time, sending a long throw into a crowd. Gillies would come down with it as the final horn went off. The Rumble lost 21-16.

“We had no different approach. Ten games is all we get, so we play 100% every time,” Gillies said after the game.

“I enjoyed the season. Only 25 or so players get to play for New York and I’m happy to be a part of it. Every team got a ton better and more competitive than last season. We had high expectations with a lot of young talented guys. The young guys need to find where to pick their battles. We had great D’s during the year but couldn’t convert.”

Rumble head coach Anthony Nuñez would agree with Yz and Gillies that New York’s young players will bring a lot of future success to the Rumble.

“It was a rough season, but we’ve got some young talented players. Mike Sender, Quinn Hunziker, Marques Brownlee, Evan Walter, Jibran Mieser. They showed the league they’re good. They’re a great combination for us.”

“We weren’t the ‘real’ New York Rumble this season. If we played like the last three games, we would have had a different season. I’m looking forward to the real Rumble showing up. We weren’t there yet. Next year we’re going to be awesome and I’m excited for that.”

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