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On windy Memorial Day Day weekend, the New York Rumble fell to the Boston Whitecaps 12-14 in a sloppy, albeit exciting game in Queens, New York at Belson Stadium.

The Rumble held a Memorial Day bash for their second home game at their new stadium, Belson Stadium at St. John’s University.

The first quarter opened with some very sloppy play and numerous turnovers as the wind was gusting on top of the elevated field. By the end of the first quarter, the score only stood at 0-1 in the Whitecaps’ favor.

The second quarter brought a bit more action as Chris Mazur and Alon Brown scored, while New York and Boston traded points to tie the score at 2-2. The Whitecaps immediately responded by going on a three-point run to bring the score to 2-5. It looked as though Boston was going to pull away with the game early, but after calling a timeout to settle some nerves, the Rumble responded. Dave Vuckovich started the first half comeback with a layout score, immediately followed by a Callahan by Clark Cofer, which was set up by a timeout so the Rumble could pull from half-field. After the Callahan and receiving the pull, Markian Kuzmowycz scored for New York to tie the game at 5-5, which would be the score as the first half came to a close.

“We went down out of the time out aiming to get a Callahan,” said Cofer. “Albert and Joe set the mark, then on the swing, Albert was able to make a great play and tip the disc into the air, then I was able to clean up. Really an assist goes to my boy Albert. Definitely credit to him, I was lucky enough to catch it!”

New York and Boston traded points during the third quarter, but Boston ended up breaking the Rumble twice to take a two-point lead at the end of the third, 7-9.

After Boston opened the fourth quarter with a score, the Rumble looked like they were poised for another comeback, as Andrew Bosco and Albert Alarcon scored for the Rumble to pull within one, but New York’s run ended after Tyler Chan cleaned up a bad throw from Boston for the score. Both teams would go on to trade points without the Rumble being able to recover, as they fell to the Whitecaps by a final score of 12-14.

“A lot of drops and bad wind usually equals a bad game,” said Coach Anthony Nuñez. “However, this was a strong defensive showing by our offensive line. I’m not concerned about the rest of the season.”

No stranger to the wind after playing on the rooftop of Union City High School the past two seasons, the Rumble will have to clean up their game in order to come away with some wins as the rest of the season progresses.

“Both teams played a pretty poor game, and they happened to take better advantage of our mistakes,” said Chris Mazur. “The wind definitely had a huge effect on the outcome of today’s game. We as a team will need to learn how to capitalize on this moving forward to be able to take charge of our future home games.”

Despite the loss, Chris Kocher had another solid game with four assists and two blocks, while Chris Mazur added four goals. Joe Anderson also added one goal and two blocks for the Rumble.

The Rumble will be back in action next Saturday at 7:00 p.m., as they take on the Philadelphia Spinners at Villanova Stadium for the Spinners’ Luau Night. Tickets are on sale on the Philadelphia Spinners TicketLeap page.

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