After ending the third quarter down by 4, the Rumble (1-2) turned things around to win their first game of the season against the D.C. Current (0-4), 21-19.

The New York Rumble travelled to the nation’s capitol to take on the Washington D.C. Current, with both teams looking for their first win of the 2016 season.

The Rumble ended the half down by three, a deficit that grew to four by ended the third quarter. The first point of the fourth was a quick one, Mark Flores got a big D and turned it around for the score, 16-11. After a time-out called by DC and a mid-field pull, Charles Cannon launched the disc to Sean Mott, who came down with it. Mott then booked it to the end zone and once again came down with the disc over multiple defenders, 16-12. With 2:03 on the clock, New York had tied the score 18-18.

In the next point, New York’s Matthew Wilson scored with Mott for their first lead of the game, 19-18. New York pulled and, in an unfortunate miscalculation, D.C.’s Joseph DiPaula dropped the pull, allowing Matt Weintraub to throw a quick pass to Marques Brownlee for the score, pushing it to 20-18. After D.C. received the disc, Dom Gibson made an incredible play, diving past Brownlee and teammate Delrico Johnson to catch the disc for a score and pull the score within a single goal . The final point ended with a huge hustle by Cannon, who was playing in a handler role, and a big throw from Scott Xu to Mott who was wide open in the end zone, tracking the disc into the back corner for a smooth catch, 21-19 with 0:13 on the clock.

This is a huge win for New York and should be a major confidence boost going forward in the 2016 season. For D.C, this will be a hard game to recover from as they have now recorded the worst start in franchise history, losing four games in a row. The Rumble next travel to face off against the Philadelphia Spinners, who are so far undefeated this season view websiteFirst pull is at 12:00PM ET Sunday, April 24th.

Can’t make it to the game? Check out the livestream via MLU Live!

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