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Mother’s Day in Philly greeted the teams with high winds, but the Rumble held strong to grab their first win in double overtime, 20-17.

If warm-ups were any indication, this game was going to be a low-scoring grind. Despite their weekend of traveling, however, the NY Rumble came out strong on Sunday afternoon.

During the second point of the game, the Rumble showed that they came to Philly to play hard. Rob Gillies converted a key D into an upwind break for the Rumble, and would help the team stay at least one point ahead of the Spinners all the way into the third quarter. Coach Nuñez highlights the importance of this moment, “When we got that break, I knew we were going to win.”

Throughout the first half, the Spinners made a string of costly mistakes that would give the Rumble a consistent 2-3 point lead. Faust took advantage of every single turnover, leading the Rumble with 7 assists. Late in the 3rd quarter, the Spinners started closing the gap, finishing the quarter tied at 13-13.

The Rumble have a history of losing momentum in the fourth quarter, but they held up long enough to keep the Spinners from getting ahead. A last minute throw from the Spinners before time ran out led to an easy Rumble D and a chance for the two teams to continue their battle in overtime.

The teams traded points throughout the first overtime, and it appeared that the winner would come down to who had the disc as time was running out. The Rumble failed to convert with seconds left and the game remained tied.

The second overtime showcased a whole new Rumble. NY came out strong with 3 goals in a row to give the Spinners no chance of coming back. Most notable during the Rumble’s two overtimes was Johnathon Cox was with 3 goals.

On Saturday, May 18th at 7 pm, the Rumble will face the DC Current for the first time.

All Rumble fans are encouraged to wear black in support of their home team and help “blackout” the Current! Limited edition one-time “Blackout in NYC” shirts will be for sale at the merchandise booth.

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