Photo by Anthony Nuñez

Earlier this month, the New York Rumble held a clinic for a number of local youth players from Regis High School in New York City.

Head Coach Anthony Nuñez and defensive handler Matt Baum were on hand to offer instruction and educate players on the finer points of the game.

Baum and Nuñez ran drills with players to practice skills including breaking the mark, end zone offense and defensive positioning.

“I was impressed with the athletes that Regis has and I think they have the talent to make some noise at their state tournament,” said Nuñez.

The Regis High School ultimate team has been in existence for five years, but are finally beginning to make their mark on the competitive youth scene in New York. One Regis captain, who lives in Union City,  jumped at the chance of  learning from the Rumble after attending nearly every home game.

Coach Nuñez met the Regis High School team at a local high school tournament in the fall season and discussed how the Rumble and Regis could work together.

The Regis High School players will be able to utilize the knowledge they learned from the pros when they compete for the New York State Championship in May of 2015.


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