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The Rumble (1-3) host the visiting D.C. Current (0-3) in a rematch of last weekend’s matchup.

In their first double-header of the season, the Washington D.C Current will travel to take on the Boston Whitecaps on Saturday, April 30th before heading back to the tri-state area to meet with the New York Rumble for the second time this season.

The New York Rumble will host the D.C Current this weekend at Bell Stadium on Sunday, May 1. The two teams met last week in a memorable game, in which New York staged an incredible fourth quarter comeback, taking the lead with 1:17 left in the game and winning their first game of the season, 21-19. Considering the attention Sean Mott has been getting this week, emotions are sure to be lingering in their rematch this weekend.

Both of these teams have struggled so far this season, and are currently in the basement of the Eastern Conference standings. It’s easy to look at the bad: after losing last weekend, D.C. recorded their worst start in team history, losing three games straight; they are last in the league in completion percentage, currently at 86.5% and worst in the league for their first break scoring efficiency, currently at 26.5%. The Rumble have their fair share of poor records too: so far this season they have turned the disc over 119 times, with Vancouver – holding the record for second most turns in the league – recording just 99 ; New York is also at the bottom of the Eastern Conference in Offensive Scoring Efficiency, currently at 44.1%, Defensive Scoring Efficiency, currently at 23.1% and Defensive Turnover Efficiency, currently at 49.2%.

Before their game last weekend, D.C. was considered the prohibitive favorite against New York, with each of MLU’s Picks & Predictions writers going with the Current. D.C had played two close games against the Whitecaps and the Philadelphia Spinners, teams that crushed New York this season. But it seems that D.C. is cursed and that the second half of a game is their kryptonite. With last week’s game behind them, D.C. will be hyper vigilant in the second half and might be able to break through to earn their first win of the season.

At this point it’s hard to know what to expect from New York. Like a true underdog, they’re a team that is going to win or lose spectacularly, but what determines that outcome is still somewhat evasive. There are a few big questions that might be answered, at least in part, by this game: why does D.C. keep losing their leads in the second half? and, did New York get lucky in their last game against the Current?

Rumble fans may have some skepticism about their win against the Current, which is understandable considering their track record so far this season, as well as their game last Sunday against the Spinners where they suffered an lopsided loss, 25-10. A team that gets broken 15 times, records only one break before the final horn and turns the disc over 36 times can be a hard team to get behind. But, that’s not their goal. The Rumble are approaching this season one step at a time, and winning for a second time against D.C would be a big step.

The Current have a long list of players that are injured or are sitting out this game. Most notably they will be without Dominique Gibson, Joe Freund and Antoine Davis II. Everyone will be watching Mott this game after his performance last weekend as well as Scott Xu, who is three goals away from the 10 goals mark this season and Marques Brownlee, who’s 12 blocks this season lead the league. Hopefully rookie Mott will be able to handle the limelight, too much pressure can be a good or a bad thing and it’s yet to be determined which category Mott will fall into browse around this website.

This is going to be a game to watch. Bring your poncho because there’s rain in the forecast. First pull is scheduled for 4pm, this Sunday (May 1) at Bell Stadium in Orange, New Jersey.  Get your tickets here.

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