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The New York Rumble (2-5) will host the Boston Whitecaps (5-1) in their last home game this year and in their penultimate game of the season.

The Rumble will play their last two games of the 2016 regular season against the Whitecaps. The first of two will be this weekend at Bell Stadium in Orange, New Jersey. New York has to play these two games knowing full well that their chances at making it to the playoffs have already sailed. Given their losses so far this season, they are currently last in the Eastern Conference and have been systematically removed from a run at the playoffs.

In their last game, New York lost to the Washington D.C. Current 17-16. Winning this match would have been a game-changer for New York but as has been the case too many times this season there simply wasn’t enough time on the clock for New York to overcome their vast point deficit. The last time they met with the Boston Whitecaps was much earlier this season –in that game Boston won 22-13.

Since then, Boston has remained a competitive force within the league. They have won their past four games, most recently in a close game against  the Portland Stags in which Benjamin Katz, Piers MacNaughton and Sam Kittross-Schnell were major contributors to the win. Boston has proved themselves to be a consistent and focused team. As we saw in their game against New York earlier this season, their competitive spirit will not be quelled simply because they know they can win. Rather, they thrive off each and every point and will play without reservation no matter the opponent. For New York this could mean trouble.

New York has had a very emotional season. They have built a reputation as a youthful and talented team that lacks consistency. With so many rookies, as well as the addition of four new players signed just a few weeks ago, it is safe to say this team is still struggling to find its form. Whether or not these last two games will reveal anything new about the Rumble is difficult to say, but it wouldn’t be the first time they have surprised us this season. With players like Sean Mott, Marques Brownlee, Matthew Weintraub, and so many others having great games this season it is hard to predict how this team will perform.

In addition to the game this weekend, the New York Rumble will be hosting a Scout Clinic for young ultimate players, giving them an opportunity to learn from professional players how to improve their game as well as an opportunity to show off their stuff. The event will take place between 12:30 – 2:15pm, prior to the game.

The first pull will set sail at 4PM this Sunday, June 5. This is the last home game of the season and New York is sure to be geared up after a week off. Come out and support the Rumble this weekend, we’ll see you there. Can’t make it to the game, catch the broadcast via MLU Live!

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