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This season may not have ended quite the way the Rumble had hoped, but the numbers seem to point toward a bright future.

Out of the top five players league-wide with the most points this season, two of these players – Chris Mazur and Ben Faust – consistently put up points for the Rumble, with Mazur leading the league in both overall points and assists.

Defensively, the Rumble are well represented as well. Rob Baker led the league in D’s with 21, and Jonathon Cox’s 15 also made the top ten. Those are the kind of numbers that can change games.

Not every stat column reflects so well on New York, however. The most worrisome has to be the “drops” line; out of the ten players with the most in the league, a staggering eight were Rumble players. Many of those were players who get huge numbers of touches, but it’s clear that the Rumble have a problem on their hands (or with them, rather…)

New York had some struggles on the other end of the disc as well, with Mazur leading the league in throw-aways, and Faust and Kevin Terry both making top ten appearances.

While those may sound like easy problems to fix, drops in particular have a reputation for being tough to cure. We’ll see if the off-season affords the Rumble a chance to exorcise their demons.

The stats sheet makes one thing very clear: the Rumble have the talent and athleticism to go far. If they can clean things up, eliminate unforced errors, and keep building on their first season’s worth of experience, they should be a force to be reckoned with in coming campaigns.

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