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The Rumble look to continue their two-game winning streak this Sunday as they host the undefeated Boston Whitecaps at 1:00 PM at the Eagles Nest in Union City, NJ.

Following back-to-back victories the past two weeks against the Phildelphia Spinners and DC Current, the Rumble are in control of their destiny with regard to a playoff spot, where they currently sit in second place.

The Rumble and Whitecaps are no strangers to one another as they have faced each other twice already this season, with Boston coming away victorious in both games. This time around, however, the Rumble are as determined as ever to come away with a victory to separate themselves in the standings from the Spinners and Current.

Look for the Rumble to extend points by playing physical downfield defense to take advantage of a tired Boston squad that will have played the night before against the Spinners. Specifically, the Rumble will try to limit the production from Whitecaps offensive cutter Jeff Graham, who leads the league with 31 total points.

Assistant coach Anthony Nuñez explained that the key to beating the Whitecaps this weekend will be focusing on setting the tempo. “We are going to approach Boston by setting the game pace to our speed,” Nuñez said. “We are hoping to continue to have a strong defense that will create turnovers and we will be making sure we exploit them with our speed on offense.”

The Rumble will also try to use their sizeable amount of excellent throwers to attack the weak side of Boston’s defense. Look for offensive players like Chris Mazur (15G, 15A, 97% completion rate) and Ben Faust (10G, 16A) to exploit Boston’s defense on the weak side which will open up the downfield cuts for players like Jonathan Cox (11G) and Robbie Gillies (7G) to score easy goals.

Although Faust is familiar with the Whitecaps, he explained that he would not change his approach to the game. “My approach won’t differ much as a player,” Faust said. “I know who I am and what my skills are. In much of the same way I know what the Whitecaps defenders will bring. They are awesome at what they do, among the elite defenders in the league. The best part of offense however, is when you play your game. If you are the one dictating, then it really doesn’t matter who is guarding you.”

With the second half of the season already underway and the playoffs rapidly approaching, the Rumble will have to view every game from now on as must-wins if they want to see themselves competing in the post-season.

Sunday will be Kids’ Day at The Eagle’s Nest, where there will be face painting, juggling, and a very special half-time performance by TV personality and entertainer Marcus Monroe. Make sure you don’t miss out on the fun! Purchase tickets here.

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