The New York Rumble (1-4) will host the Philadelphia Spinners (4-0) this weekend, May 7th, in what will be their third matchup of the 2016 season.

Last weekend the Rumble lost to the DC Current in a close and exciting game. The team was able to play consistently from start to end, which is something we hadn’t seen from New York yet this season. New York was missing a large chunk of its roster, with Andrew Bosco (who will be out again this weekend) and Charles Cannon out and many others injured. This short roster was definitely a contributing factor to the team’s close loss, but what really hurt them was their inability to convert their break opportunities into goals. This is something we’ve seen from New York all season: they have a few monster defenders that generate opportunities but they simply cannot move those opportunities into something more. For example, in their last game D.C. tripled New York’s Break Point Scoring Efficiency (BPSE). The Rumble will really have to figure this out if they hope to avoid the season sweep against against Spinners.

The Spinners had a week off after crushing New York on April 24th at their home stadium. But New York shouldn’t feel too badly considering that the veteran Philadelphia team is one of the top contenders within the league, while the Rumble are just beginning to rebuild their roster with young talent. Philadelphia’s Matt Glazer is second in the league for goals, Michael Panna is fourth in the league for assists and Ethan Peck is second in the league for break assists. The team is so far undefeated, has the second highest completion percentage in the league, as well as the second highest Offensive Scoring Efficiency (OSE) in the league. Luckily for New York, they won’t have to worry about Panna nor Nick Hirannet this game, as both players are inactive this weekend.

This is sure to be a difficult game for New York. So far this season they have suffered their greatest losses against the Spinners. The goal this weekend will be: no steps backwards. In their first game New York ended down by 10 and in the second down by 15. The Rumble will hope to keep this game closer out of the gate. Unlike the Spinners, New York is at the bottom of the barrel in league standings. They have the second highest turnover rate in the league and the second lowest Defensive Scoring Efficiency (DSE) and OSE in the league. But they also have Marques Brownlee, who is leading the league with 13 blocks, Charlie Patten, who is number four in Touches Per Offensive Possession (TPOP) and rookie Sean Mott, who has burst into the running for Rookie of the Year with big time plays.

The Spinner’s celebrated their first 4-0 start in team history last weekend, and they will be eager to clinch this next win and keep the record growing. You never know what will happen with New York as they like to keep things exciting.

Be sure to buy your tickets now for this weekends game, or invite some friends over to watch it live. See you tomorrow, Saturday May 7th at 4PM for the first pull. Let’s go Rumble!

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