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The Rumble suffered a heartbreaker in their final home game of the season, falling to the DC Current 19-17 in overtime.

There was a large crowd at the Eagle’s Nest, hoping to see the Rumble increase their playoff chances with a win over the Current. The game involved two of the league’s most prominent offensive players, Chris Mazur and Alan Kolick. The Rumble’s Mazur entered the weekend leading the league in points with 45, supporting an impressive 92% completion rate on 323 throws. The Current’s number one handler, Kolick entered the weekend leading the league in assists with 28, and held an outstanding 95% completion rate on 372 throws. However, both players would succumb to injuries in the first half, leaving their respective teams without their star player.

Both teams struggled to score in the first quarter, but the Current would eventually take a 2-0 lead with just over a minute left. The Rumble scored their first point of the game with 28 seconds left in the quarter, but the Current quickly responded. Kolick made an easy throw to Shofner to make it 3-1, but would leave the game due to hamstring problems. Despite the early lead, the Current knew they had to step it up to fulfill Kolick’s absence.

Early in the second quarter, Mazur injured his ankle and had to leave the game. However, the Rumble entered halftime tied with the Current at 7. Both teams traded points throughout the third quarter. After tying it at 9, the Rumble scored on a break to take their first lead of the game. The Current immediately answered back scoring two straight points to regain the lead. Down 11-10, Avirgan chased down a huck to the endzone in hopes of tying it up. A Current defender knocked the disc away, but Avirgan stuck with it and made a highlight reel catch to make it 11-11. It appeared that the Rumble would enter the fourth quarter with a 13-12 lead, but the Current worked down the field and tied it as time expired in the third.

Both teams continued to trade points in the fourth quarter. At 14-14, Dan Heijmen left the game due to an injury as well. Both teams struggled to score at the end of the quarter, turning over the disc carelessly. With 15 seconds left in the game and tied at 16, the Current caught a huck ten yards from the end zone. Trying to take the lead, the Current turned it over on a turfed throw, and the Rumble decided to let time expire.

The Rumble were unable to overcome their injuries and struggled in overtime. Anderson was unable to finish the game as he cramped up during the first point of OT. The Current went on to take a 19-16 lead, taking advantage of New York’s turnovers. The Rumble tried to battle back with hucks to the end zone, but they could not convert. With 25 seconds left in overtime, the Rumble scored to make it 19-17, but time would expire before the Rumble could make a comeback.

With the loss, the Rumble and Current both hold a 3-5 record. However, the Rumble maintain possession of second place due to point differential.  New York hopes to see Mazur, Heijmen, and Anderson return to the field in their final two games. Their next game is June 22 against the Boston Whitecaps. Their last game of the season is June 23 against the DC Current.

The last game of the season could very likely be a battle for a trip to the playoffs.

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