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In a heartbreaking final game against the D.C. Current (2-4) for the 2016 regular season, the Rumble (2-6) lose the game down by one.

It would have been an important and pivotal moment had New York won their last game of the regular season against the D.C. Current this weekend. Their first win of the season was against this team and thrust New York into the limelight, giving them an appearance on ESPN’s Sport Center Top 10 for a catch by rookie sensation Sean Mott and establishing them as a team that had guts and that had the ability to put up points on the scoreboard. They won that first game by staging an incredible fourth quarter comeback and nearly did it again this weekend.

Only one point short to tie the game, New York was unable to find the win and will end their 2016 series against the Current with the short end of the stick.

New York ended the first half down by six, a margin that is all too familiar for the Rumble, but is also a margin that has been a surmountable challenge for the young team in the past. D.C. earned five breaks in the first two quarters, going on a three-point run towards the end of the half. Neither team scored until over three minutes had elapsed in the third quarter. This, as well as an earlier three-minute stretch without any points scored by either team, played a major role in the outcome of this game.

New York scored five of their six breaks in the fourth quarter, with three of them occurring in the last four minutes. Whatever it was, New York found their stride but with too little time to recover. This must have felt all too familiar for New York, who lost their second game against DC in a similar fashion. In his second game with the Rumble, Justin Carter assisted two and scored one of the points in this final quarter, while John Irvine received two goals. Carter recorded four assists, one goal and one break in this game, turning in a standout performance for New York. Quinn Hunziker and the very young Christopher McGlynn also had a stellar game, earning four and three goals respectively. Mason Compton was responsible for slowing down the Current, recording three blocks. Just short of that, Mott and Jibran Meiser each earned two blocks.

Had New York been able to find their rhythm sooner, or been able to feel the same urgency as they did in the last ten minutes of the game from the first quarter, this game would have been a much different game. But New York is an emotional team and when things don’t go smoothly from the get they seem to have trouble reeling it in and figuring out how to make it happen. To lose such an important game by such a small margin must be frustrating for the players, the coaches and the fans alike.

There are two more games left in the Rumble’s regular 2016 season, both of which are against the Boston Whitecaps, who have been doing very well this season. Boston has won five games this season, losing only once to the Philadelphia Spinners. This is going to be a tough note for New York to end on. If they can hold Boston back and end the season on a high it would be a herculean feat. If not, it will be a difficult ending for the Rumble.

Thinking back to the first game of this season, though, Coach Anthony Nuñez spoke frequently about New York as a team that was here to have fun. Throughout the season they have been a practical team and have been very reflective of themselves as a young team with potential. They have proven that already this season and it will be interesting to see how they continue in their growth in these last two games.

For now, New York has their first week off since the season’s start. After that, they will host the Boston Whitecaps at Bell Stadium on June 5 at 4PM. Be sure to come out to this last home game of the season and show the Rumble some love. See you then.

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