The New York Rumble announced on Sunday that they have partnered with CoachUp to offer personalized ultimate training for athletes looking to improve their game.

CoachUp is the nation’s leading coaching service. Since 2011 they have been connecting athletes with private coaches in more than a dozen sports and fitness areas. Their philosophy of private coaching as the key to next-level performance on and off the field resonates with the Rumble.

“Coaches can often be a positive change and a role model in an athlete’s life,” said Rumble GM Michelle Kondracki. “We are thrilled to start our partnership with CoachUp and connect our players to athletes who are trying to reach their goals.”

CoachUp has created a Rumble Training Portal on their website that allows anyone from youth player to competitive club player to select a coach who is the right fit for their age or ultimate ability. Each Rumble coach has a profile on the portal that includes his personal athletic experience, coaching background, location, price per session and ratings or testimonials from former teammates and clients.

This year’s Rumble coaches are three-year players Ben Faust and Chris Mazur. Faust has previous college coaching experience with both Boston University and Northeastern University. Mazur, the 2013 MLU Eastern Conference MVP, has been helping coach various teams at all levels since 2006.

Whether you’re new to the game and looking to boost your skills or interested in elite play, the Rumble partnership with CoachUp offers something for every ultimate fan.

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