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The New York Rumble are proud to announce the re-signing of captain Ben Faust.

Primarily used on the offensive side of the disc, Faust tallied 45 total points during the 2013 season with 16 goals and 25 assists. Faust also contributed 4 defensive plays on the season.

The Lowell, Massachusetts native chose to re-sign with the Rumble for a number of reasons, saying “Playing night after night with the best players in NYC against the best players from Boston, Philly, and D.C. in front of hundreds of fans, at the highest quality venues available was the best. We put together a high quality team, but a team that was first and foremost dedicated to having fun, and that made us all better Ultimate players.”

Faust has enjoyed his time with the MLU as it has allowed him the chance to bring Ultimate to the national spotlight. “The best thing about being part of the MLU is being able to see tangible changes in the way Ultimate is perceived by the world at large,” Faust says. “I was also excited by the opportunity to hear from the public through our various publicity events. People know about Ultimate and the MLU is helping to guide a narrative that has mass appeal.”

Faust looks forward to the upcoming season and adding additional quality players to the team. In addition to new player Isaac Saul, the Rumble have already re-signed Joe Anderson, Robbie Gillies, and Eastern Conference MVP Chris Mazur.

Check out the Ben Faust signing video below:

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