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New York announced today that Chris Wicus and John Wodatch have signed with the Rumble for the 2015 season.

Though Chris Wicus was not on the active roster last year, he has experience with the Rumble as he played for New York in 2013, the Rumble’s inaugural season.

A handler on the offensive line that year, Wicus also served as the team’s strength and conditioning coach during the 2013 season.

“I’m excited,” Wicus said. “I was on the original Rumble squad and look forward to seeing how the league and team have grown over my year off.”

Head Coach Anthony Nuñez echoed Wicus’s excitement to have him back with the team this year.

“He is a tall handler with great throws and his ability to break the mark is an important asset to any team,” said Nuñez,

While new to the Rumble, Wodatch is still familiar with Major League Ultimate, as he will get the unique experience of playing against his brother Jeff, a D.C. Current star, for the first time.

“I can’t wait, to be honest,” said Wodatch. “He is seven years older than me, so growing up we never got the opportunity to play with or against each other on any sports team. Once that first pull goes up it’s going to be New York vs. D.C., not me vs. him. I am going to prepare for the game and play just like every other game on the schedule, and I anticipate him to do the same. We are both very competitive guys and I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.”

Wodatch’s college experience at UConn Grind, which finished fourth at Metro East Regionals last year, his impressive performance at tryouts and his character traits as a team player convinced the Rumble to bring him on board for the season.

“John is a pure athlete who can shut down the other teams strongest cutter,” said Nuñez. “He has a team first attitude and loves the game of ultimate. You can’t go wrong with a player that has those traits.”

The Wicus and Wodatch signings mark the first since the Rumble announced that 11 players would be returning from last year’s squad.

“I am excited to be able to represent the New York Rumble as well as the MLU for this coming season,” Wodatch said. “This team has the talent to compete with any team in the league. If we can play tough and think tough each week, then we can be a hard team to beat. We need to put last year behind us and keep our sights on winning this year.”

Look for the Rumble to make additional roster announcements in the coming week.

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