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Article by Chris Gebhard and Elan Kane

The New York Rumble announced on Monday a late offseason signing in defensive cutter Scott Xu.

Xu has high-level club experience with Philadelphia based teams Roots of Rhythm and Southpaw, and most recently with New Jersey-based team Garden State, a team which he founded and still captains.

Xu has been playing ultimate for close to ten years, beginning his career at WW-P High School where he was captain in his senior year. During that time, Xu also captained the YCC team DEVYL (Delaware Valley Youth League), where he was coached by Rumble Head Coach Anthony Nuñez.

Xu moved on to play at Rutgers University, receiving honors for Metro East Freshman of the Year and captaining the team his final two years. In his senior year, Xu was part of a group of players at Rutgers that helped transition the developing team to their first College Nationals appearance.

During his time at Rutgers, Xu was once again coached by Nuñez, as well as Rumble Head Coach Ari Weitzman. Xu joins the Rumble this year to play alongside former Rutgers teammates Josue Alorro, Albert Alarcon, Matthew Weintraub and Jibran Mieser.

“I am excited to be playing again with my Rutgers teammates, as well as for Coaches Nuñez and Weitzman,” said Xu.  “All of these guys were a big part of our success in qualifying for College Nationals in 2014.”

While a rookie in the MLU, Xu is no stranger to professional ultimate, as he played the 2013 season with the AUDL’s New Jersey Hammerheads.  Due to his close relationship with Coach Nuñez and Coach Weitzman, Xu decided to turn down other options to play for the Rumble this season.

“I have known Scott since he was 15 years old and he has always been a great talent,” said Nuñez. “After watching him help lead Rutgers to College Nationals last year, I knew he was a talent we had to get for the Rumble.”

Nuñez thinks Xu will not only add additional high-end talent to an already loaded defensive line, but will also fit into the system the coaches are trying to employ this season.

“Scott brings speed, a high-level throwing skill and strong defensive awareness,” said Nuñez. “I look forward to seeing him fit into our system this season.”

While most of Xu’s ultimate career has been spent in the greater Philadelphia area, he is excited to break into the New York scene this season.

“This is my first experience with prominent members of the New York ultimate scene,” said Xu. “New York is one of largest ultimate hubs in the country, and is home to a club team that perennially makes nationals. I am excited for this opportunity to learn from and play alongside a great team filled with elite talent.”

The Rumble open their season at home on Saturday, April 25 where they will take on the Boston Whitecaps at 12:00 p.m.

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