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With bright and sunny skies and the temperature well into the 50s, the MLU held the first preseason game of its inaugural season.

Plenty of fans were on hand, both on the New York and Philadelphia side, to see what each team had to offer. As the teams took the field for player introductions and the national anthem, you could tell it was a moment to remember for both teams involved. “Being on the field for the first pull and score of Major League Ultimate was an unexpectedly special moment,” says Rumble Assistant Coach and player Ben Faust.

The game began with Robbie Gillies scoring the first point in MLU and Rumble history within the first 34 seconds of the game. After the Rumble went up 2-0, the Spinners fought back to tie the game, with both teams trading points the rest of the 1st quarter, which ended with the Spinners leading 6-5.

The 2nd quarter was a different story however, and would set the tone for the rest of the game. The Spinners came out hard, scoring a few quick points to extend their lead to 8-5. Rumble player Dan Heijmen ended a 6-point Spinners run right before time expired, resulting in a halftime score of 12-6. Dan Heijmen and Aman Nalavade led the Rumble in the first half with 2 goals each.

After another Spinners score to start the 2nd half, the Rumble gained some momentum and went on a run that saw them pull to within 3 points, but the Spinners promptly answered back with a 5-point run of their own. Unfortunately, that was as close as it would get for the Rumble. The Spinners continued to extend their lead throughout the rest of the game, resulting in a 14-27 Rumble loss.

Despite losing to the Spinners, the Rumble coaches were still able to see the positives.  “The preseason game was a great chance to figure out our strengths and weaknesses without it counting against us,” said Rumble Assistant Coach Anthony Nuñez. You can be sure they will put in some work and come out fired up for the regular season rematch against the Spinners on April 27th at Union City High School, the Rumble home opener. They will open up the regular season on April 20th when they travel up to Boston to take on the Whitecaps.

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