The New York Rumble and the Philadelphia Spinners  will travel to Randolph, NJ to test their preseason preparedness against one another in a showcase game presented in conjunction with the 2013 Indoor Ultimate Championship. The April 6th meeting will take place from 2-4 PM at the Randolph High School Stadium adjacent to the indoor facility where the Championship tournament is taking place.

“The Indoor Ultimate Championship is very excited to have MLU as part of our Fan Weekend,” says Trent Simmons, National Director of the Indoor Ultimate National Championship Series. “Now spectators will have a chance to watch some of the best Indoor Ultimate in the country and some of the best Outdoor Ultimate. We believe strongly in the fan experience and can’t think of a better way to kick off our weekend than watching the Spinners and the Rumble. Best come prepared for a weekend of nonstop activity!”

The preseason game will be run in the official MLU format, and both teams are looking forward to this early test of their training and strategy. “We have been working hard to develop our team chemistry and get everyone game ready,” says Billy Maroon, Head Coach of the Philadelphia Spinners. “This game is a great opportunity to see where we stand with a couple weeks left before opening day.”

The game also represents a chance for many of the other people involved in an MLU game to get experience with an actual event. “We will be bringing statisticians, trainers and other support staff out to get a little game time under their belts,” says Michelle Kondracki, GM of the NY Rumble. “This will let us know where we need to do a little extra work and where we might need to add some personnel. It will help us assure that our first regular season game against Boston runs that much more smoothly.”

Ultimate fans will have a chance to enjoy the April 6th showcase game as well. Tickets are available for the event from both the Spinners ticket outlet and Rumble ticket outlet, and the MLU has added the game to season ticket holders’ plans for no additional charge. The reduced ticket price of $10 makes the preseason match-up a great opportunity to get a taste of the MLU experience.

In addition, the game will be a first test of MLU Live and will be broadcast in real time at “We are excited about this opportunity to run a preseason test of our live game coverage,” says Matt Gray, Production Manager for the MLU. “It’s not only a chance to bug test our setup, but also an opportunity to throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks. We will be field testing a number of ideas to see if they make it into our regular season plans. We hope our fans will enjoy the game and understand any issues or inconsistencies as we work the kinks out.”

As with all MLU video content this season, the live stream of the game will be free to watch. The coverage will also be archived for later viewing on the MLU YouTube Channel.

After the MLU Showcase game, fans can stick around to enjoy hours of high-intensity Indoor Ultimate beginning at 4:30 PM. There’s even a hat tournament from 8 PM to midnight just for the fans, so don’t forget your cleats.

What: MLU Showcase Game – Philadelphia Spinners vs. New York Rumble

Where: Randolph High School Stadium (map)

When: April 6, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Cost: $10



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