New York will be returning to “The Eagle’s Nest” in Union City, New Jersey as their home stadium for the 2014 season.

Located on the roof of Union City High School in Union City, New Jersey, right outside of the Lincoln Tunnel, fans will have an easy commute from any direction. In addition, there is the option to park in the parking garage just two blocks away.

The Eagle’s Nest is a state of the art facility that can hold 2,500 screaming Rumble fans. The field is artificial turf and has a 40-foot high net behind each end zone to catch any stray discs.

The Rumble called the The Eagle’s Nest their home during the inaugural 2013 season, recording a 1-4 record during home appearances.

“Having a stadium that you can call home is always important to a sport’s team. Something that is unique to Union City High School is there is no track around the stadium, since it’s on a roof of a school building. This allows the loud fans to be closer to the players,” said Rumble General Manager Michelle Kondracki .

The first home game of the 2014 season will be against the Philadelphia Spinners on April 19th. Tickets are on sale now here.

For directions to the stadium and parking garage, please click here.

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  1. guest

    “fans will have an easy commute from any direction.”

    This is a pretty ridiculous statement. As a fan last year, this place is anything but easy to get to. I would have attended more games had they been easier to get to. Also, I imagine booking fields in New York is a challenge, but having the New York team play in New York would have probably been smart. Please don’t compare to the Giants/Jets, the MLU is nowhere near that level so it’d be a joke to make the comparison.

    • Chris Gebhard

      We’re sorry you feel this way and appreciate your feedback. Last year, we provided a fan bus to every home game for minimal cost that easily allowed fans to travel to and from NYC to our stadium. Since many fans took advantage of this travel option, we will once again be providing a fan bus this year and will do everything in our efforts to make travel as easy on our fans as we possibly can.


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