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The Rumble look to build off their win last week and get another victory when they travel to Boston to take on the Whitecaps on Saturday, June 20 at 5:00 p.m.

New York is coming off one of their best games of the season last week when they beat the Philadelphia Spinners 20-17. The Rumble got an early lead in that game and never trailed. Chris Mazur believes the team is finally beginning to look like the team it set out to be at the beginning of the season.

“I think our squad is finally clicking in the way we knew possible all season,” Mazur said. “We’ve found the right combination of players for both offense and defense to score effectively.”

The Rumble last played the Whitecaps just two weeks ago. Despite scoring 24 goals, the team lost 31-24. This week, the Rumble need to generate defensive break-points against Boston.

“We’ve definitely got to find a way to manufacture some defensive stops against Boston,” said Markian Kuzmowycz. “We’re pretty confident we can score points – as you saw last time we played Boston – but we’ve struggled getting breaks against them all year. They don’t cough the disc up much. We need to find a way to limit Tyler Chan’s effectiveness and if we can force them to rely on their 2nd and 3rd best options, I think we’ve got a better shot this week.”

Mazur echoed Kuzmowycz’s sentiment, stressing the importance of defense.

“The biggest key to win this game is for our offensive unit to keep our defensive unit on the field at all times,” said Mazur. “Secondly, our entire team needs to consider themselves defensive players, willing and able to shut down whomever they are guarding. A gritty ‘backs against the wall’ mindset should help push us through the inevitable long points, and we need to focus on being the last team to score in every quarter.”

The Rumble will be without key players Sean Murray and Jake Herman this week, whom are both inactive.

While New York’s 2-6 overall record is not what they envisioned when they began the season, Kuzmowycz said the team is still playing hard.

“We’re playing our best ultimate right now and have nothing to lose. Our team hasn’t mailed it in at all, and is still pushing each other really hard in practice,” said Kuzmowycz.

Tickets for Saturday’s game are available of the Whitecaps TicketLeap page.

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