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On May 11, the Rumble traveled to DC to take on the Current for their first match-up of the season. However, after playing a few points, the game was postponed due to thunder. The rescheduled game will be the most important game of the season for both teams, as the winner will earn a trip to the playoffs. The Rumble will travel to the nation’s capital to face the Current on June 23 in hopes of securing a playoff berth.  

The two teams have faced each other twice since the postponed game. The Rumble won the first match-up 17-14 on May 18 and the second match-up was decided in overtime, as the Current defeated the Rumble 19-17 on June 8. The rescheduled game will be the first game played in DC.

Both teams also have a game the day before, but with the Rumble and Current sharing a 3-5 record, neither game will have any effect on the playoff race. The Current will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Spinners, while the Rumble will travel to Boston to take on the Whitecaps. The extensive traveling may make it more difficult for Rumble players to rest up for the Current game, yet players may be rested more than usual against the Whitecaps as the game holds no meaning.

Mazur, Anderson, and Heijmen will likely be playing after leaving the previous game due to injuries. With a playoff spot on the line, it would be hard to keep these players off the field. The winning team would face off against the Boston Whitecaps, who are currently the only undefeated team in the league at 8-0. The Eastern Conference playoff game will take place the following week at a location chosen by the league commissioner, Jeff Snader.

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