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The New York Rumble came away with a win in their home opener, as they defeated the D.C. Current Sunday afternoon 16-13.

The win was New York’s first of the season and should give them some momentum moving forward. The Rumble led at halftime by four goals, but the Current stormed back to cut the deficit to one goal at 14-13 in the fourth quarter. However, thanks to some late plays by Chris Mazur and Albert Alarcon, the Rumble were able to come away with the victory.

Here are a few takeaways from the game that the Rumble should keep in mind as the season progresses.

Patient Offense

New York’s offensive line committed zero turnovers in the first half and only three in the entire game. New York’s offense did not seem to force throws and that contributed to their four-goal lead at halftime. Rookies Chris Kocher and Josue Alorro both had solid games, with Kocher earning three goals and two assists, while Alorro added four assists himself. If the Rumble can continue to have impressive showings on the offensive side of the disc like they did in this game, they will continue to come away with victories.

Capitalizing on Opponents’ Turnovers

The Rumble defense created a number of turnovers, but were just 4-for-15 in converting those turnovers into break-points. After starting the game 1-for-11, the Rumble were finally able to convert three of the next four opportunities.  Assistant Coach Ari Weitzman said that taking advantage of opponents’ mistakes will be a key to winning games late in the season.

“Of course you want to convert on every opportunity you get, because as the season gets longer those moments become more rare,” said Weitzman. “This is not a team that is satisfied with taking advantage of enough opportunities to win, there’s always more to do.”

Maintaining Defensive Pressure

While the Current were down by four or five goals for most of the game, they were able to come to within one goal in the fourth quarter. The team may have been tired from some long points, including one point that lasted seven minutes, 26 seconds. Weitzman, however, was quick to point out that he thought the team let up their pressure somewhat in the fourth quarter.

“Playing hard defense is always tiring, but a great D-line is one that makes the opponent feel that fatigue and that pressure more,” said Weitzman. “I don’t think it was fatigue, but a small sense of comfort in a good defensive point from our D-line that hurt us following that point. Against a team as sharp as D.C. you can’t allow them any moments of relief, because they can find their game in a hurry.”

The Rumble have a very talented squad this season. If they can keep playing as patiently on offense as they did this past weekend, capitalize more on their opponents’ mistakes and maintain their defensive pressure throughout the entirety of a game, they will be seeing a lot more wins this season.

The Rumble play next in a rematch of this past weekend’s game against the D.C. Current on Saturday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are currently on sale on the Current TicketLeap page and the game will be broadcast on MLU Live.

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  1. Rick Liebling

    So, 1) don’t make turnovers, and 2) create turnovers. Those are keys for every team in every sport at every level.

    There must be some stronger insights you can glean from the game. And if you are going to go with something like focusing on turns, then how about another level of data on it. For instance on the 4 turns that did result in points, was there a common trait? For instance, were they are created in the Current half of the field? If so, then the need to focus on strong pulls or denying first throws could be seen as a key take-away.

    Offensively, was the lack of turnovers the result of a strategy that de-emphasized big hucks? If so, will future opponents adjust for that, forcing the Rumble to have a Plan B that still values possession?

    Just some thoughts.


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