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The New York Rumble lost their second game in a row to the D.C. Current this week, 27-18. They are now 2-4 on the season.

While the first quarter of the second Rumble vs. Current matchup saw limited scoring and a one-point away team lead of 4-3, by the end of the first half D.C. had generated several break opportunities and led the scoring 14-7. New York was unable to come back from this during the second half and never came closer than a six-point deficit.

Offense: Limit Unforced Turnovers

The players on the Rumble have been struggling to prevent themselves from turning the disc since as far back as last season. Turnovers this game were due in part to poor spacing on offense between handlers and cutters.

Their previous game against the Current saw 21 unforced turnovers and this game saw almost as many. Assistant Coach Webster McBride points to these unforced errors as immediately contributing to a lack of confidence within the team. And when they were able to maintain possession of the disc, it took them as many as 22 passes to score during a zone point.

Some of the players with the highest completion rates on the Rumble include Isaac Saul (91%), Michael Hennessy (94%), Ben Faust (91%), and Lucas Murphy (94%). Yet each of those players also has five or more throwaways so far this season. The Rumble will attempt to limit these in their next game against Boston.

Defense: Prevent Runs

D.C. was only up by one point at the end of the first quarter, but they went on a seven-point scoring streak and took the half 14-7.

By rushing throws and lacking offensive energy, the Rumble gave the Current far more opportunities than the Current gave them back. But the Rumble defense should have been able to limit some of the seemingly effortless Current scores. The Rumble defense was unable to contain Peter Prial (4 goals, 1 assists), Markham Shofner (2 goals, 5 assists) and Tom Doi (4 goals, 2 assists).

Get a Lead and Maintain It

The Rumble found themselves in a close game at first but were never able to come back from the 14-7 halftime deficit.

The Current were better on transitions and they capitalized on most of the Rumble’s unforced turnovers. If they want to beat the Whitecaps they have to start the game with intensity, creating a lead for themselves and then holding onto it through all four quarters.

The Rumble seem to be having confidence issues on offense and their defense needs to prepare for players like Jeff Graham, Brandon Malecek and Danny Clark. In two consecutive games, their ability to come back from early deficits has been nonexistent. Head Coach Anthony Nuñez is well aware of the team’s offensive shortcomings and will prepare his players for a tough matchup at Boston on Saturday, May 24.

The game will be streamed live beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET this Saturday on MLU Live.

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