With the 2015 MLU season set to begin in just one week, here is a glimpse into the New York Rumble’s top rookies to watch this season.

New York added a number of new key players to the team this season, including a new group of MLU rookies who are looking to help cement the Rumble as a top contender.

Chris Kocher | #32

Height/Weight: 6’0”/165
Age: 23
Position: Offensive Cutter
College: George Washington University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

One of the roster additions from the Deep South this season, Chris joins the Rumble with an impressive resume. He started his ultimate career at Paideia High School in Atlanta. After graduation, Kocher moved to the nation’s capital to play for George Washington. While in college, Chris played for the U-20 National Team in 2010 and made appearances with NexGen in 2012 and 2013. 

“Chris is a definitively explosive player,” said Coach Ari Weitzman. “He has a way of cutting that always gets a defender to overcommit. People with his level of mental control, speed and intelligence are truly hard to come by.”

Andrew Hollingworth | #2

Height/Weight: 5’11”/175
Age: 26
Position: Defensive Handler
College: Tufts University
Hometown: Amherst, Massachusetts

Growing up in one of the great ultimate towns in the country, Andrew has been playing the game for some time now. Likely the most decorated rookie of this year’s class, he won a national championship playing for Amherst Regional High School in 2004 and took gold at the 2006 Junior World Ultimate Championships for Team USA. More recently, Hollingworth captained Chain Lightning each of the past two seasons at the club level. 

“Andrew Hollingworth is a veteran club player who I am excited to see anchor our defense’s O,” said Head Coach Anthony Nuñez. “I look forward to seeing both [Hollingworth and Chris Gwinner] work together and create more breaks for our defensive line.”

Chris Gwinner | #37

Height/Weight: 6’0”/160
Age: 35
Position:Defensive Handler
College: Georgia Tech
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

This veteran Southpaw returns to his roots with his New York debut. Chris lived in Brooklyn growing up before making the move down south. He brings some much needed experience to a young Rumble team. Most recently, Gwinner took home the gold for Team USA at the World Championships of Beach Ultimate with Rumble teammate Sean Murray.
“Gwinner brings a veteran flavor to our D-line,” said Nuñez. “He is an athletic thrower who knows how to be in the right spot at the right time.”

Clark Cofer | #7

Height/Weight: 6’0”/160
Age: 22
Position: Defensive Cutter/Handler
College: Florida State University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Cofer started his ultimate career playing at Florida State in 2010 and was an integral part of FSU’s runs to College Nationals in 2013 and 2014. Cofer brings his all-around game to New York now determined to make some big plays.

“There’s no better feeling in ultimate than getting a layout D, and I can’t wait to get a few big ones this season,” said Cofer.

Josue Alorro | #3

Height/Weight: 5’9”/155
Age: 22
Position: Defensive Handler
College: Rutgers University
Hometown: Cresskill, New Jersey

Alorro started playing for the state’s best college team back in 2010 as his first ultimate experience. Josue was a part of the Rutgers squad that made a run to College Nationals in 2014. He kept working during the summer as well, joining NYC mixed club team Showtime in 2011 before making the jump to PoNY in 2013.

“Josh is a very driven and naturally-talented player,” said Weitzman. “At this point in his career, he’s become a top tier defensive player and will definitely become a game-changer in this league.”

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