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You might know the names of Rumble veterans Chris Mazur, Joe Anderson, Ben Faust, or Robbie Gillies, and you might be familiar with some talented rookies like Isaac Saul, Quinn Hunziker or the Hennessy brothers, but of the rookie class, one name that has passed under the radar is Dave Vuckovich.

The six-foot offensive cutter from Beaver Creek, Ohio was on the ultimate scene at Ohio State and captained Pride of New York (PoNY) before joining the New York Rumble a few months ago. In his first professional season, he has arguably been the most consistent Rumble player during their up and down second year.

Dubbed “T-Lake” by friends and fans, No. 14 Vuckovich does a little of everything for the struggling New York offense. Through seven games, he is tied with Faust for second in team goals with 14, trailing only Gillies (16). He is also fourth on the team in total points with 21 behind Saul, Faust and Mazur.

“T-Lake has been a bright spot for our O-line. He consistently gets open and makes some amazing grabs. He can go deep and score goals, or he can catch the in-cut and contribute by throwing,” said Rumble Coach Anthony Nuñez.

Besides finding the end zone, T-Lake is fourth in completed passes (117 of 133), which makes for an accurate throwing cutter behind handlers Saul, Mazur and Michael Hennessy. He has found open lanes to make smart cuts, tacking on 146 catches, fourth on the Rumble list behind those same handlers. His only drop all season was in his first professional game in Week 1 against Boston.

His most notable performance of the season was in Week 6 against the D.C. Current where he had three goals, two assists, 32 catches, threw 26 for 29 and played the most points in that game (28). He continued his strong play in Week 9 against the Philadelphia Spinners with three goals, two assists, 20 catches, and also fed a 30-yard laser throw to a diving Iggy Yz to tie the game at 21 with less than three and a half minutes left in the game.

While he hasn’t had a breakout game like other players, T-Lake has been the steady rock to counteract an injured and inactive Rumble roster through many weeks.

“It has been awesome to see him every game doing all of the right things,” said Coach Nuñez. “While I am not surprised at his outstanding play, I feel that he is our most underrated player. He has been a great player to coach and I look forward to seeing him continue his success for the rest of this season and hopefully more to come.”

To catch more of Dave Vuckovich’s Rumble experience, follow him on Twitter @leadbellytlake and to see him once more at home, attend the last home game of the season when New York hosts the Boston Whitecaps on Saturday, June 21 at 3 p.m. Tickets are on sale now on the Rumble TicketLeap page.

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    As new Rumble fans, this is the kind of information I want to know about. Background info about players and the team and Ultimate is what makes the game even more interesting when we go to see Rumble. With so much reporting full of fluff these days, opinions are helpful but I also want to see the hard data that backs them up. Thanks.


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