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With the inaugural 2013 MLU season in the books and the off-season in full swing, we decided to look back on the season and choose some player awards. We asked Coach Quaranta and Coach Nuñez to vote on the best players based on practice, on-field performance and locker room leadership over the course of the Rumble’s inaugural season.  See how the coaches voted below.

2013 New York Rumble Player Awards:

Offensive Player Of The Year: Chris Mazur
Defensive Player Of The Year: Jon Cox
Rumble MVP: Chris Mazur (and MLU MVP!)
Best Teammate: Lucas Murphy

New York Rumble Record Holders:

Most goals: Chris Mazur – 24 goals
Most assists: Chris Mazur – 32 assists
Most D’s: Rob Baker – 21 D’s (League leader)
Best completion percentage: Robbie Gillies– 93.2%
Most Callahans: Jonathan Cox – 1 (League leader)
Most bookends: Jonathan Cox – 3 (League leader)

Do you agree with the coaches? Let’s hear your take in the comments section below!

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