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New York announced on Wednesday their official roster for the 2015 season.

There are plenty of familiar names on the roster with 13 players returning from the 2014 team including Ben Faust, Brenton Hard, Jibran Mieser, Jake Herman, Joe Anderson, Marques Brownlee, Michael Hennessy, Quinn Hunziker, Robbie Gillies, Markian Kuzmowycz, Sean MurrayDavid Vuckovich and Andrew Bosco.

Faust, Anderson, Gillies, Herman, Bosco and Kuzmowycz are the only players who will have played every season since the Rumble’s inaugural season in 2013.

Chris Wicus will also be returning to the Rumble to contribute as a handler after sitting out the 2014 season.

Eight rookies will be suiting up alongside the Rumble mainstays, including Andrew Hollingworth, Albert Alarcon, Charlie Patten, Chris Kocher, Clark Cofer, Jacob Price, Josue Alorro and Matthew Weintraub.

“Every guy fits a certain role we need,” said Head Coach Anthony Nuñez. “Every guy has talent, but they are also all team players. We are not looking for one guy to take over. We are changing the attitude. These players know how to be a cog in a machine.”

General Manager Michelle Kondracki expressed her excitement to see the new signings in action.

“They have a sense of camaraderie, which we noticed at the tryouts,” Kondracki said. “That is something we did not really see the last two years.”

New York is coming off a tough season in which they only managed two wins and posted a negative 58 point differential. However, last year does not phase Nuñez.

“This team is going to have a gritty, stereotypical New York personality,’ said Nuñez. “We are going to fight for every point, every assist, every turnover we can get. It might not look pretty, but it will be pretty.”

2015 New York Rumble Roster

#1 Markian Kuzmowycz (McGill University/Scituate, R.I.)
#2 Andrew Hollingworth (Tufts University/Amherst, Mass.)*
#3 Josue Alorro (Rutgers University/Cresskill/Quezon City, Philippines)*
#4 Michael Hennessy (Middlebury College/Chicago, Ill.)
#5 Simon Johansen (Carleton College/Edina, Minn.)*
#7 Clark Cofer (Florida State University/Atlanta, Ga.)*
#13 Quinn Hunziker (Yardley, Penn.)
#14 David Vuckovich (The Ohio State University/Beavercreek, Ohio)
#21 Joe Anderson (SUNY Albany/New York, N.Y.)
#24 Jacob Price (Brown University/Warren, N.Y.)*
#25 Charlie Patten (Georgetown University/Bernardsville, N.J.)*
#26 Andrew Bosco (Western Connecticut State University/Fairfield, Conn.)
#28 Albert Alarcon (Rutgers University/Leonia, N.J.)*
#31 John Wodatch (University of Connecticut/Wallingford, Conn.)*
#32 Chris Kocher (George Washington University/Atlanta, Ga.)*
#33 Jake Herman (Middlebury College/Wyomissing, Penn.)
#34 Chris Wicus (University of Colorado/Pittsford, N.Y.)
#37 Chris Gwinner (Georgia Tech/Brooklyn, N.Y.)*
#41 Ben Faust (George Washington University/Lowell, Mass.)
#42 Alon Brown (SUNY Albany/Bronx, N.Y.)*
#44 Robbie Gillies (Syracuse University/Arlington, Va.)
#45 Brenton Hard (Central Connecticut State University/Simsbury, Conn.)
#61 Matthew Weintraub (Rutgers University/New Brunswick, N.J.)*
#66 Jibran Mieser (Rutgers University/Jersey City, N.J.)
#81 Sean Murray (Louisiana State University/New Orleans, La.)
#82 Marques Brownlee (Stevens Institute of Technology/Maplewood, N.J.)

*MLU Rookie

The Rumble begin their season at home hosting the Boston Whitecaps on Saturday, April 25. First pull is at noon. Season tickets and single game tickets are on sale now.

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  1. Tyler Byrum

    I counted 13 players returning from last year and you mentioned only 12.

    • Paul Des Marais

      Hey Tyler, I think you might be referring to Chris Wicus as the 13th player. He played on the 2013 team but not the 2014 team, so he is not considered as a returner from last season.

    • Chris McGlynn

      Actually you had it right Tyler. That was my mistake. Thanks for catching it. It should be edited accordingly.


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