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Article by Max Rooney

Earlier this month, New York Rumble star Chris Mazur made a guest appearance at a DiscNY clinic to offer instruction to a number of local youth players. The clinic drew over 40 members of the New York youth ultimate community, with players ranging from ages 13 to 18, representing all skill levels.

With a focus on handler movement, spacing, and strategic dump sets, Mazur’s instruction allowed an opportunity to reach out to a younger crop of players who recognize him as a local star. Players at the clinic were offered a chance to take the field with a pro and learn a thing or two along the way, while Mazur received a similar opportunity to guide some of New York’s future stars.

With the New York youth ultimate scene on the rise, members of the community were particularly appreciative to have enjoyed such an experience. Bryn Huxley-Reicher, an attendee of the clinic, was able to pick up some important tips through Mazur’s instruction.

“The clinic really struck home for me the power of spacing and strategic movement, as well as the hopelessness of defense when the offense is playing right.”

Isaac Selchaif, another DiscNY member who attended the clinic, was able to gain an important lesson or two on handler movement and offensive motion. Selchaif commented, “From this clinic that Mazur held, I got a lot out of the concept of handler movement as mentioned before – but also how to minimize your own moves to make your movement crisper to get open easier.”

The clinic offered a positive experience for all members of the New York ultimate community to come together and further develop the local atmosphere from all ends of the spectrum. As youth ultimate continues to grow on a national scale, the privilege of having a firmly rooted local community becomes particularly special. Huxley-Reicher reflected on this sentiment, “Having [Mazur] as a coach made me really appreciate the power of the Ultimate community, in which I, a lowly high school player, get to work with the highest level of players just because they want to spread their knowledge and love of the sport.”

“It reinforced my passion for Ultimate and my love for the people that play it.”

DiscNY will be holding a fundraiser on September 13th at The Delancy in NYC at 7:00 p.m.  There will be many prizes available via raffle, including a New York Rumble prize pack!

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