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The MLU announced Thursday that Ignacio Yz has won the Week 9 Friction Gloves Catch of the Week for his incredible layout grab this past Sunday against the Philadelphia Spinners.

In their Week 9 matchup against the Spinners, the Rumble lost 23-22 and were eliminated from the playoffs. However, Coach Nuñez called the game the “best game we played all year.” It was certainly one of the best for Ignacio Yz, who laid out to catch a huge huck from David Vuckovich in the end zone to keep the game tied 21-21.

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Yz had several steps on his defender but it looked like the disc would be out of reach until the last second, when he leaped forward and grabbed it left-handed. He then proceeded to throw the disc all the way out of the stadium in his excitement.

When asked about the catch, Yz said he recognized that the wind was behind the throw and it would be coming in further than he originally expected. But with his team down by one in the fourth quarter, he thought to himself, “Who am I to get particular?”

He knew he would have to lay out, and he often tells himself to “love the moment, live for the moment” – so he took the leap and made one of the greatest catches of the 2014 MLU season. The left-handed catch was “more of a reaction” than a conscious decision, as was the throw out of the stadium. With the crowd in a full uproar, he got taken away by the energy of the moment, but realized once he looked back at the disc that it was destined for the parking lot. The referee had an orange band waiting for him, and Coach Nuñez had some words as well, but nobody was too angry with him for tying up the game.

So what happened to the disc? Yz said that thankfully no one was hurt.

“Somebody went to retrieve the disc, and it was all warped and scuffed,” said Yz.

So Yz and the Rumble got a happy ending to that point, despite the unhappy end of the season.

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