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Earlier this month, USA Ultimate announced Jibran Mieser as a member of the 2015 U-23 National Team. USA Ultimate will send three teams – Open, Mixed, Women – to compete in London at next year’s U-23 Ultimate Championships, hosted by the World Flying Disc Federation.

Over 500 athletes submitted applications, resulting in 100 players being selected as tryouts, including fellow Rumble players Marques Brownlee and Quinn Hunziker. However, it was Mieser who made the final cut and will compete on Team USA’s Mixed team.

Mieser, who signed on late in the 2014 season, made an immediate impact on the defensive line with his athleticism, winning the Week 11 Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week.

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“Representing the USA in Ultimate this summer will probably be one of the greatest experiences of my life,” said Mieser. “Ultimate has allowed me to represent and have great pride in my school, New York and my home state New Jersey, but the fact that I will be representing my country is unreal.”

Mieser is not only looking forward to representing the United States as one of his greatest experiences, but also as a chance to improve his game as he moves forward in his ultimate career.

“Making this team will allow me to grow every aspect of my game as a college player, club player, professional player and now worlds player.”

For more information on the 2015 World Under 23 Ultimate Championships, visit the USA Ultimate website, and be sure to follow the New York Rumble on Twitter and Facebook.

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