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The MLU announced on Thursday that Jibran Mieser has won the Week 2 Defensive Play of the Week for his layout block against the Boston Whitecaps.

While the Rumble fell to the Whitecaps 13-20, there were still plenty of highlights from the Rumble, mainly due to the play of Jibran Mieser, who recorded a game-high six blocks, as well as two goals.

At the end of the first quarter with Boston leading 5-2, Boston’s Miles Montgomery-Butler was stuck on the sideline with no receiver to throw to. As he went to throw a backhand at a tough angle to reset the stall count to a wide open dump, Mieser ran to catch up to his man and made an impressive block on a full-extension layout.

“The dump started striking up line, so I decided to peel off to poach and help stop the up line,” said Mieser. “I knew once I did that, my man was the next logical option for the thrower so I had to find him quick. Josue Alorro was on the mark and did a great job of sealing the around throw. I knew the inside throw was going up and it would be tight, so I just had to get to it and layout to make the play.”

The Rumble will be back in action this weekend as they take on the Phildelphia Spinners on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. ET. The game will be broadcast on MLU Live.

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