The New York Rumble may not have had the success they were hoping for, going (3 – 7) and missing the playoffs.  There is, however, exciting potential for the future, emphasized by the 3 players who were award Plays of the Week in 2015 холика холика алоэ отзывы.

Week 2 – Defensive Play of the Week

Jibran Mieser | #66

Even though the Rumble lost big in their first game of the season, second-year player Jibran Mieser emerged as the player of the game with six blocks while defending one of the toughest matchups in the league, Jeff Graham. In this play, Mieser poaches just far enough away to give himself the option of covering the end zone or going for the layout block.

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Week 9 – Defensive Play of the Week

John Wodatch | #31

In the Rumble’s best game of the year, John Wodatch makes the Spinners pay for a bad pass with a layout Callahan. Wodatch was a big reason why the Rumble were able to spoil Philadelphia’s early chance at the playoffs.

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Week 11 –  Catch of the Week

Albert Alarcon | #28

Alarcon chases down a long outside-in backhand huck and finishes with a sliding layout grab on a rainy day at Belson Stadium in Queens.

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Alarcon (23 years old), Mieser (22 years old) and Wodatch (21 years old) all figure to be part of an impress young defense emerging in New York ultimate.  We expect to see many more highlights from this Rumble team in the 2016 season.

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